6 Ways Teachzy Is Helping Coaching Institutes Simplify Tutoring

Coaching Classes Management App

It is not just a step towards growth that coaching centers are becoming tech-savvy! It is more of the need to survive in the market and stay available for their students despite COVID-19 lockdown.

Looking at the outstanding opportunity coaching centers have these days to expand their reach and grow their business, we have come up with Teachzy Coach– an android app to facilitate easy online teaching even when the institutes have their doors closed.

And no we are not talking about video calling and sending your notes via messaging apps!

Teachzy Coach is an app, developed especially for the coaching centers and independent learners who are probably going through a tough time because offline classes have been shut down. This Android mobile application allows for better engagement, interactivity, and communication between students and teachers through advanced features.

If you are still wondering how this coaching institute management software is going to be the next big hit for your coaching business, then here are a few points to help you understand its benefits.

  • Highly flexible and adaptable

Teachzy Coach allows students to engage with the multimedia content and learning materials at whatever time they want. Even better, they do not have to travel anywhere to attend the teaching session.

  • Saves time and money

While the app eliminates the need to travel, it ultimately saves a lot of time for the students. This means you can engage with more and more students without having to provide them a physical setting in their area. The next is that you save money on the resources required for offline teaching set-up.

  • High retention rate

In addition to the convenience and the cost, a larger number of students switch to online learning courses because they find it a better way to learn. The new generation loves their smart phones, and when you bring your coaching to their most-loved device, you ultimately have them stick with you for a longer time.

  • Monitor growth and learners’ activities

You can track the progress of your students regarding their activities and tasks. Assign assessments easily and give grades accordingly using the app itself. Moreover, you can reward the learners for their performance as well.

  • Simple order processing

It is extremely easy to access the order administration through the mobile app and manage administrative functions flawlessly. Also, there’s an integrated payment system for payment flexibility via card (credit card, debit card, mobile wallets, etc.) and via payment getaways (PayU, PayTm, PayPal, etc.)

  • Loyalty and referral

Another great thing that’s only a few eLearning apps offer is the in-built loyalty and referral program. This feature allows you to market your coaching business through students and reward them for the sign-ups they bring with their referral code.

There are so many ways you can find this tutoring management system a boon for your coaching business during and after the lockdown. Teachzy Coach is the approach every coaching institute and independent tutors need right now.

If you wish to know more, request for a quick and free demo .

 Lockdown or not,  watch your business grow dramatically with Teachzy Coach.

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