Know Why Teachzy LIVE Is the Education Method for Twenty First Century

Virtual Classroom App

Current crisis situation has made us realize the importance of accepting and adapting to change. There is no denial that every aspect of our life has undergone a major change, and future is bright for those who are finding ways to survive smartly.

One of the most affected sectors hit badly by Pandemic is our Education system. According to a recent study by UNSECO, nationwide closures are impacting over 60% of the world’s student population. There are many education centers that are understanding the need of the hour and slowly switching to online alternatives to continue imparting their learning services.

Now when COVID-19 pandemic has shut the doors of schools and other education centers, virtual classrooms are coming out as an efficient way to reduce barriers in education and collaboration. They simply allow learners to choose when and how they want to engage in a learning process.

Be it schools, coaching centers or colleges, students are shifting to online learning methods to continue their education. While there are plenty of technologies available to education centers, only a few are reliable and user convenient. That’s where Teachzy LIVE never fails to disappoint.

Teachzy LIVE is a revolutionary virtual class app focused in making online education accessible for all in a far better and more convenient way. There are many ways this smart mobile app is making learning more interactive and engaging without any need for physical collaboration.

If you are wondering how, then here are a few points to help you understand the advantages Teachzy LIVE app has to offer-

A smart approach for the smart generation– The agile generation is a big fan of their smartphones. That makes it an undebatable fact that new generation would interact better with something provided on their favorite devices. So, why not education? Teachzy LIVE brings education to mobile phones and lets teachers and tutors engage with learners in a hassle-free manner.

Better Engagement Features – As the name suggests, Teachzy LIVE allows for live interaction between teachers and students. This includes conducting lectures, sharing notes, taking attendance, grading performances, helping students with their problems, and much more. When lectures are provided LIVE, you can be assured of how well students are understanding and where they seem to need assistance.

Convenient and User friendly– This virtual classroom app eliminates the limitation of time and location. This means, even if your students are stuck at home, you can continue delivering your learning services without any hassle. You as a provider, offer students the freedom to study, finish assignments, engage with other students, consume learning content, and perform tests at any time that fits the best of their schedule. Also, the innovative interface of the app is simple to understand and user friendly. It makes the process easy for a learner to navigate and explore features without any external guidance.

Cost-effective– Getting enrolled with technology does never mean breaking the bank! It is something you would want to know that Teachzy LIVE is beneficial from the affordability point of view as well. Setting up a brick and mortar classroom at multiple locations costs much higher than a virtual classroom comparatively. With such online classes app, not only you can continue with your teaching mission, but can reach out to learners across the globe.

Teachzy LIVE is helping various schools, tutoring centers, institutes and organizations with their learning and training needs. Just because we are coming out of a lockdown situation gradually, does not mean you will have to cut back on your education mission and wait for the normalisation. To know how Teachzy’s virtual classroom software can help you grow even during the crisis, you can reach out to

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