Way Forward For Coaching Business Owners And Independent Tutors


Coaching centers around the world have closed their doors because of the COVID-19 outbreak. With millions of students stuck at home, the concern remains is how coaching institutes will get their learning service going.

Now, let’s shed some light on the matter from another standpoint-

While lockdown is bringing a great inconvenience for many, it is, on the other hand, creating a spike in demand for online learning. Simply put, COVID-19 pandemic could give educational institutes the boost they need for the future.

There’s no option left for students and learners other than home educating themselves, and here comes an outstanding way for your coaching business to take advantage of this opportunity.

If not today, then when?

With a large base of learners switching to online learning method, if you do not get your business leverage it today, then when?

The outbreak is making people appreciate online education a lot. This could be a great turning point for the coaching industry, keeping up with increased popularity of this format and changing habits in terms of learning as well as teaching,” said Raveendran ( the founder of Byju’s education app) to CNN business in an interview.

The great thing is that various eLearning providers like us in the market are not only helping students with their learning needs but are also providing a new-age tutoring management system. We have Teachzy Coach, which helps coaching centers and independent trainers to engage their students and teach them in an interactive platform.

What else can it do? Let’s find out.

Teachzy Coach – An eLearning mobile app for coaching centers

Do you have a base of students that love your teaching skills, and want to stick with you for their further learning needs? If yes, then Teachzy Coach is the way to go.

This leading-edge mobile application is designed to ease the whole process of teaching and interacting with students regardless of time and place. With Teachzy Coach, you can reach and teach your students no matter where they are, can create and analyze assignments, design online test modules, perform live lectures & seminars, and reward learners as per their achievements.

You might need to close the doors of your business but that does not mean you will have to lose your students. Keep your learning service going in a far better and convenient way.

Let’s have a look at some of its features

  • Data Security and Management
  • Hassle-free Content Creation
  • Flexible product creation system
  • Single screen checkout
  • Simple order processing
  • Activity logging
  • Incentive module
  • Integrated payment system

Another great thing about Teachzy is that it offers loyalty and referral program that allows teachers to reward their students depending on the signups they bring with their referral code.

It is a new era of learning things online

The current COVID-19 outbreak has proven that uncertainty can fall anytime to challenge businesses drastically. This creates an extreme need for making your business future-ready. The changing habits of learning are sure to bring a revolution in the field of coaching and teaching. This means you have to be available for the students who are looking for you online with the help of the best coaching management solution.

With Teachzy Coach, you can easily to bring your coaching and tutoring business to digital platform and embark on the revolution of learning.

If you wish to know more about Teachzy Coach, request for a quick and free demo today.

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